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Hairdressing Industry Training seminars have been completed
A seminar was organized in cooperation with Bodrum Chamber of Commerce (BODTO) and the Association of Bodrum Barber on 27.04.2009 Monday at 13:00 hours in the conference hall which is about "Promoting the concept of quality in the Hairdressing sector "
28.04.2009 09:38

Association of Bodrum Barber Chairman İlker Sevim began to explain establishment of associations and purpose of the training seminars. Bodrum Chamber of Commerce Member of the Board of Deniz Eyinç added also that continuity and competitiveness in all sectors will increase the quality of the Chamber and we as Bodrum Chamber of Commerce are always trying to give support those kind of seminars. "Structured business inventory count according to the results in 2006 in Bodrum 256 hairdresser, business activities of the average of 7 years and number of employees the average is 3 people. Bodrum Peninsula in the quality of service partners to create an awareness of the intertwined with tourism and quality of tourism as these directly affect The first meeting of the sector is organized in Bodrum said. Deputy Mayor of Bodrum Hüseyin Yıldızhan also added that we would be very careful about licenses and standards.

After the opening speeches of the representatives of Bodrum KALDER Zeynep Tuncel total quality management to exceed the expectations of customers targeted, team work and all who support the review process and aimed at improving the understanding of a management is emphasized.

2.5 hour-long training seminar on total quality management, leadership, customer loyalty, such as hygiene and cleanliness and Communication under the title was given.
Business owners attended the seminar and responsible personnel.

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