Dear Members,
09.12.2020 15:39

Bodrum Chamber of Commerce says it is continuing online talks with the Indian Business Group (IBG) on developing international relations. On December 9, 2020, the Presidents Round Table Meeting and the managers of Chambers of Commerce from countries such as Turkey, India and Singapore held business negotiations, and on December 16, 2020, a cooperation meeting was moderated by the Singapore-India Chamber of Commerce.

Vice Presidents Mehmet Ayaz and Ibrahim Akkaya attended the Presidents Round Table meeting. At the meeting, trade titles that can be developed between countries were evaluated.

On Wednesday, December 16, a sectoral meeting was held under the direction of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce. Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, Adana Chamber of Commerce, Russian Karelia Chamber of Commerce and industry executives met to discuss new technologies in agriculture. Singapore exchanged views on the export of agricultural products, explaining that they wanted to apply good examples from Turkey and Russia in their countries.

Officials said the Singapore government was developing programs on this issue and consulted with Turkey and Russia on how to develop a good bazaar between the countries.