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Establish a company
Can foreign natioanl persons who are abroad, establish a company by using warrant?

They can found a company vicariously by using a particular power which they will going to take from the Turkish notaries and Turkish Consulates.

Establishment of Company
Can foreign national persons establish a company by themselves?

CYes, they can.

MERSİS system
Which things are necessary to register the foreigners to MERSİS system?

Current address, potential tax number and the translation of the passaport of the person is necessary.

taxno and bankaccount
what papers do i need to show to get a turkish taxnumber to open a turkish bankaccount.I need this for starting a limited co in bodrum.
In order to obtain tax number, you need to get in touch with Tax Authority Office.
Where can i know how much i have to pay?

You can call 0252 316 14 12 and 0252 313 84 05 and the extension 117, 130, 114.

Or you can mail your details to

How can i pay my subscription?

You can pay your subscription from our cash desk and also you can pay to the bank account at the right time.

Please specify your register number and your nick name on the deduction.


Vakıfbank Branch Office of Bodrum 2019500 Hs.

Garanti Bak Branch Office of Bodrum 6299104 Hs.

Finansbank Branch Office of Bodrum 1909010 Hs.


Also we are near to you as a phone! 0252 316 14 12




Why does my membership be paused?
If you're not uptade your bussiness contact of 2 years and if you're not pay your subscription, Bodto board were delete your name from job commities and elective lists
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