Dear Members,
22.04.2022 14:12

Metro Turkey Bodrum Business Manager Murat Seven visited Bodrum Chamber of Commerce’s Chairman Mahmut Serdar Kocadon on 21st April Thursday in his Office. In the meeting, tangerine products, the symbol of Bodrum's marketing is evaluated.

Murat Seven while emphasizing the importance of their support for exportation and promotion of symbolic products around Turkey in Metro Shopping Malls, stated that they are ready to work on Bodrum Tangerine as well.

Bodrum Chamber of Commerce’s Chairman Mahmut Serdar Kocadon states Bodrum has one of the leading most in expense rates for one basket in retailed commerce, while saying they are expecting local products which are produced in the area to brand and contribute to the marketing and selling activities. Chairman Kocadon, “We have a very valuable product that we should not lose in our hands. According to the results of the works we have been conducting in order to protect this value, today nearly 25 producers of us develop variable products from Bodrum Tangerine. Cooperating with Metro Bodrum, we are aiming to come together with the workings which are ensuring products from tangerines both enhancing the works of our producers and improving the value of our tangerine.” saying and thanking Metro Turkey Bodrum’s Business Manager Murat Seven for his responsive approach about the topic.