Mahmut Serdar KOCADON
Our Goals and Projects
05 Haziran 2009 Cuma

Dear inhabitants of Bodrum

When we came four years ago, we promised change and development. We believe our words and even, we can succeed with the intensive work  of our board of directors, and committees of the Assembly together.

This as an indication of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce today, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey performance, ranking 15th among 365 rooms ranks. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and the big cities in the first 15 rooms placed on the dodge is the only county room. However, we do not see it enough. Larger goals. Projects too, some of them here:

E-Room: faster and easier for members to serve.

Strategic Plan: The vision of Bodrum in the next 10 years, economic and commercial life planning

Employment and Training: Members of the need for qualified personnel and training

Members of our legal and financial problems: the establishment of an advisory panel

Profession Committees: Committee objective of the Aegean region of Turkey to carry out wide to become active.

Bodrum's Introduction: This committee consists of the Flexi Card and other resources to mobilize the resources of the Bodrum world perform along with the presentation of the brother organizations.

Income: Investment will increase in this period and will be creating new resources.

Members of the new financial resources: KOSGEB and work with partners and resources sectors 0 interest rates on credit at the level of TOBB and the Ministry of work to do.

New Investments: renewable energy issues in particular to our institution with many projects on the Bodrum Power Association, Inc. will be achieved.

Convention Center: A congress, a multi-purpose projects, such as fairs and exhibitions will be created.

Dear inhabitants of Bodrum, Distinguished Members

Time to grow in a way to Bodrum with respect to the environment, development, and that all persons and organizations with the city hand in hand with time to perform.

A brand Bodrum, Bodrum Chamber of Commerce is a respected public institution. Our goal for the political movements of individuals and groups to the conflict and members of the remote and holding interests in Bodrum, especially to protect and develop.

Best regards