Mahmut Serdar KOCADON
6th Period Work Mission
01 Şubat 2009 Pazar
Dear inhabitants of Bodrum


15 February 2009 on the March 2005 elections give us the 6th Our task ends Term Management.

In the meantime we're working together, the Assembly, Mr. President. Zeki Köylü, the Assembly Vice-President of the Board of Directors to Vice President, Board Member of Assembly of Members, the Committee Chairman and Committee members, all our staff and of course, always be in our side and we do check every job, the support, criticisms and suggestions ungrudging, give us our work force and valuable members of Bodrum offer my thanks. 

We; Bodrum Chamber of Commerce of 6th Period work, we have received from the power and spirit of the amateur-professional awareness, the time until midnight, from time to time job and family to waive the welfare of Bodrum and members have worked to improve. 

This study with 365 rooms between the 15th and TOBB Performance Criteria As was rewarded. Is the only county in the first 15 in Bodrum, this success should not suffice. Our target is Turkey's best Chamber Commerce, must be one of Europe's best.

You, Dear Bodrum people and valuable members reach these goals and their own welfare with the welfare of the city to increase the knowledge in new, dynamic, hardworking, successful and professional staff of the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce and Management Assembly will move to the infinity of my trust indicates that, My Best Presents .