Mahmut Serdar KOCADON
A new breath in the trade of Bodrum
08 Ağustos 2007 Çarşamba

Mahmut Serdar Kocadon

A new breath in the trade of Bodrum

On winter and summer time the Bodrum peninsula is making a huge seasonal deploy for about the different sector business. As you know this trade composition brings firms at the beginning of the new season they fall into a difficulty. Also the firms which works on winter and summer time has the problem of finding qualified personel. Last year we made as BODTO an stocktaking study in with we found out that 79,5% of the firms get they personnals by forthcoming recommendatory. Fasten down make 3% wich uses the internet.

To solve this problem we get on 06 June 2007 from Is-Kur a special deploy document. Then on 15 June 2007 we make an agreement with, we thing that the common problem from our members  about finding qualified personnel can be solved at least.

to present themself and there goods to the world by Bodrum Chambers Of Commerce.

Another product the we want to present you is the new web site of BODTO.

Our target by the new web site:

To contact with our members better,

2) To present themselfs and there goods to the world by the viritual fair,

3) To open the trade market of Turkey inside and outside by bargain trade unity,

4) To offer informations about commercial and juristical legislations,

5) To solve the problem about qualified personnel per

6) The News network we made should give an idea about Bodrum and Turkey’s economical staus and all different kind of domains to all of our members.

7) That our valent columnist’s can show they visuals about Bodrum and Turkey.

In hope that our works will bring a new breath into the trade in Bodrum…