Mahmut Serdar KOCADON
26 Ekim 2016 Çarşamba

Founded on 27/05/1977,  Our Chamber that has been  working on  important projects for the Bodrum Peninsula  and   has been working to protect and  improve the interests of its members on every platform  has been taken  to this  day  by  7 administrations to date.

There is no doubt that all sectors from the lowest to the highest level within the Chamber greatly contributed  to the achievements  of the Chamber realized both in the Region and Countrywide that are expalined  in  this book.

I would like to thank to all my colleagues in the 8th Management, Assembly and Committees, which will start in May 2013 and last for 4 years, and   think that this publication is a good communication channel for sharing the foundation and sustainability of our works.

Our success will continue increasingly by fulfilling all the requirements of quality and accreditation, especially when you are together with our Secretary General and our staff.

We must not forget that when we work together we will succeed. I hope this and other similar publications through which you will have all the information about BDTO from the past to the future will shed light on other studies.

With my deepest respect,