Mahmut Serdar KOCADON
BODTO Election and Status After It
20 Mart 2009 Cuma

Dear inhabitants of Bodrum


Our chambers of commerce in the past month of February for the next four years to manage the election of the Assembly and Executive Board members was held.


This choice of the majority of the members again me and my friends have found suitable for this task. For this, I want to thank you all forever.


I wish success in the coming four year period, the new Board members and committees in the field and Assembly members to work


I would like to thank the past administration of the Chairman of the Assembly Zeki Köylü, all Assembly members, Board Member and Vice-President Hüseyin Nail Sağat and Adem Güner because of the extraordinary performance.


I would like you to know that Chambers of Commerce within the next four years with you and Bodrum with all of the process will continue.


The current financial crisis that will force all of us of course a fact that can not be denied. Now everyone is focused on local elections and the crisis has been forgotten. But the lifeblood of Bodrum Tourism Season is coming. I would recommend  that do not go after the impossible dream projects. For this to be optimistic, I want to look forward with hope.


All Bodrum people, trades, the trader, hand in hand with tourism and the operators believe that we will overcome this crisis. Opportunities are not on the day. Assistance is on the contrary. Banks have a particular wish. You are great role. Do not go hard on the customers, Do not burden them too. Collection of 500 liras, which can not be collected from the 1000 TL is a good idea needs to be suitable for action and low interest loans and facilities to know. Bodrum Chamber of Commerce for the realization of these as we will provide the necessary initiatives.


Dear inhabitants of Bodrum and Distinguished Members


Thanks again to all here and all of next season I wish profitable days for Bodrum tradesmen, merchants, the tourism operators


Best regards