TOBB has introduced the Turkish Chambers Accreditation System in 2001. This quality system sets a clear path for quality improvement of the overall performance and organization of the Turkish Chambers.

It has been established through the cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) during the Turkish Chambers Development Project I (TCDP I) in 2001.

This system was initially introduced in the United Kingdom by BCC in 1995 and goes now through a regular review and revision to ensure the highest level of quality in the changing business environment.

Since 2004 TOBB has trained and certified 53 local Chambers. The certificate represents a validity of 3 years.

In the framework of ETCF this accreditation system will be reviewed and an up-to-date system will be available to the Turkish chamber network. The objective is to improve the accreditation capacity of TOBB and certify approximately 50 of the participating Chambers.

Key elements of the Accreditation Standard are:

  • Engagement with the business community
  • Governance & Management
  • Membership
  • Financial health
  • Multi-level development of the Chamber network

The implementation of the Accreditation System implies the following four phases :

  1. Selection of local Chambers for accreditation by TOBB. The selection criteria of local Turkish Chambers is based on a set of minimum criteria outlined in the quality standard and represents and open access system for all 364 Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in the 81 regions of Turkey :

  2. Trainings provided by experts to :

    • Turkish Chambers on the TOBB Accreditation System, standards, chamber management and quality aspects, the accreditation process, needs analysis and selection of experts for improvements towards meeting the standards
    • Accreditation Board Members
    • Inspectors
  1. Accreditation audit to selected Chambers by external Inspectors

  2. Visits to accredited Chambers after inspection
For managing the pace of change in the quality ...
"We organized and the life of our city, our own values and modern-out projects and studies for the original Bodrum together, every day, even with increasing excitement and participation will continue."
Came into office in March 2005 we have been since the light of these statements work. The rapidly changing world where everything is developed and gained a global dimension in an era of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce is expected to perform and members effective, efficient service delivery is a professional organization for Total Quality Management process started.
Total Quality Management process was initiated in August 2005.
Compliance with ISO 2005 Quality Management System in October in the process of ISO 9001 was entered.

Quality Management System implementation began in January 2006.
Full compliance was achieved in July 2006 Quality Management System.
July 2006 TOBB was elected to the Chamber Accreditation Project.
August 2006 have been audited by TSE Antalya Regional Directorate of Personnel and Systems.
September 2006 ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate TSE President
Bodrum Chamber of Commerce gave the ceremony with Kenan Malatyalı. Professional Committee in December of 2006, the sector with the participation of sector representatives and members of the
Been removed and the target of analysis SVVOT were recorded. Turkish Lloyd Foundation in December 2006 by the TOBB Chamber project for the first accreditation
audit was done.
January 2007 Strategic Plan - Corporate Performance studies in April 2007 to Turkish Lloyd Foundation Certification Audit
Dry for 3 years by May 2007 TOBB Accreditation Status Accredited Chamber granted.
Between 41st and Exchanges in Turkey, the current 364 Chambers Muğla Province in the first Chamber and the Chambers on 29.08.2006 Bodrum Chamber of Commerce is an international management system, TSE EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certificate from the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) has received. Chairman of the ISO certificate TSE Bodrum Trade Odsı with Mr. Kenan Malatyalı September 20 2006 on Bodrum, with the ceremony was held.
ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, customer demand and the effect of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce meets the legislative requirements and provide services on a regular basis in this regard is the adequacy of the documentation. Our quality management system, to meet customer requirements and customer satisfaction by developing and activities aimed at improving the process approach is applied in monitoring. All processes and communications with each other and determined by the performance measurement criteria are monitored and are reviewed in the period.
Strategic Management of our customers under our system, employees and the community's needs and expectations are determined by various methods and future periods are planned in this direction and goals are implemented.

Quality Management System with some of the changes, let a quick review:

In-Chamber entrance to the members as soon as possible to receive information for counseling unit has been created.
-Members of the delinquent dues and fees provided for ease of say 4 credit card payments opportunity has been deferred.

-Staff of the job description has been identified, appropriate computer technology, printers, etc. photocopy. needs were provided.
-Against power cuts in power-generating 110KWA purchased.
-Member satisfaction surveys to measure the application-commenced.
-All activities and projects from beginning to end has been implemented reporting.
-Waiting area by rearranging the library, catering corner, visitors can use the possibility to reach the desk chair and wireless internet provided.
TOBB CHAMBER - Commodity Exchanges Accreditation Project
"Turkish Chamber of Quality Improvement Services" to the EU Commission Representation to Turkey, TOBB and the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association (Eurochambers) cooperation, a "Chamber Accreditation Model" developed and "Turkish Chamber Development Program" was initiated in 2002. Turkish Chamber System, the European Chamber System integration with the provision of targeted "Accreditation System" in principle, Chamber by implementary minimum services set out in these services required to fulfill the relationship is related to the Chambers each year for performance reviews and three-year one TOBB determined by the evaluation of supervisors by Chamber provides.
In this context, the first time in 2002 with the participation of 10 Chambers of our country "Accreditation Project" has taken on the application, and in 2005 with the participation of 15 Chambers Chambers have been included in the Accreditation Project. In 2006 carried out by TOBB and Turkish Lloyd Foundation, the Accreditation Project is accredited in May 2006 than 14 Chambers.
Chamber of Commerce in July 2006 the project to the basement of the application has been approved. Chamber Board of Directors consists of project work and staff is being conducted by a team. Accreditation Council and the Vocational Committee Chamber project and strategic plan information meeting on the basis of the presentation is made.
Job boards 2 December 2006, with the participation of sector representatives and members of industry interests and goals SVVOT analysis were recorded.
Created a common sense platform "Brain Storm" method has been applied. In the sectors targeted by this meeting, participants revealed the specific business plan and training requirements and accordingly have been identified. Our Chamber 14 December 2006 on a member of TOBB and Turkish Lloyd Foundation Quality Accreditation Board, a delegation visited by Denetmeninden and project work were examined.
Project in January 2007 in compliance with the process of analyzing all data collected by the continued. Revised vision and mission of the Chamber. Identified strategic objectives, targets of the Strategic Plan was prepared Bodrum Chamber of Commerce. 16 April 2007 by Turkish Lloyd Foundation, the Chamber Documentation Department Presidency of compliance with accreditation standards to control the resulting report was positive. Accreditation Council on 4 May 2007 TOBB audit reports reviewed Chamber for 3 years in the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce Accredited Chamber has decided to give status ..