Vision & Mission
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Turkey's economy and the world to promote the important contribution of the Bodrum Peninsula's natural, cultural and historical riches, is to protect the participants in governance, economic growth and ensure the quality of life by a modern and original in structure to the leadership and direction that gives a professional organization to become.
Bodrum for a modern and original;
- By providing quality service to members and stakeholders,
- By creating added value in all sectors,
- Bodrum to reach world standards in all areas of work in making
- All characteristic features of Bodrum to ensure the sustainability of the contributing bulunmakdır.
Quality Policy
Bodrum Chamber of Commerce to ensure the continuity of success, the following policies will be applied;
- Members to communicate with the healthy and taken into consideration to ensure the needs,
- Members to facilitate their professional activities,
- Focus on customers and the services of a business approach to create,
- All members to provide equal and impartial services,
- Raising the quality of services to increase member satisfaction,
- To share knowledge and experience of employees, given the importance of team work to create a working environment,
- Services provided in all areas to achieve a standard level of performance-based process for the operation to create and integrate,
- Quick access to information, the processing and distribution on the way to becoming an institution to improve the technological infrastructure and systems integration,
- Continuously improve the effectiveness of quality management systems.