President's Message

Distinguished Members and Dear People of Bodrum,

I am happy to live with you in Bodrum, one of the most important and beautiful regions of the world with its history, culture and natural beauty.
Bodrum, which is a center of attraction with these values, is growing and developing very fast especially in recent years with its population and trade volume.

Bodrum, where agriculture and trade were made before the 1970's, has developed intensively with tourism, accommodation, eating and drinking entertainment, construction, food, yacht manufacturing and blue voyage.

As the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, which is one of the first representatives of Bodrum-based businesses, we are aiming to be a pioneer "Professional Organization" in Turkey and worldwide protecting the natural, cultural and historical richness in our region, achieving a contemporary and unique structure by providing economic growth with the understanding of participant governance with its members within the framework of the authorities and responsibilities given by the Law No. 5174.


Since 2005 I have been working on a project to improve the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce and Bodrum's socio-economic life. From now on, our works will continue with rational and solution-based activities in order to plan the future of Bodrum with this unique structure.


We aim to become a national and international brand in the future for Bodrum which is an international brand. Our aim is to become a professional organization that pioneers and leads in Bodrum peninsula.


We would like to thank all our members, stakeholder organizations and organizations who have supported us in this frame until today. We also want to emphasize once again the importance of using common reason and knowledge in our future studies, in which we will continue to work together with our members and stakeholders. Bodrum Chamber of Commerce will continue with its quality services in its services performed as the chamber of firsts.


With the desire to be a pioneer, innovative and retrospective carrier in all sectors of our region..


With loves and respect,

Chairman of the Board