Why Investing In BODRUM?

Bodrum stands out as the attraction center for national and international investments with its developing economic structure. While Bodrum stands out in tourism investments, it is a province where the sale of property of foreigners is also seen intensely. Bodrum's tourism capacity is growing every year, and with the development of the investment environment, it has an important position for investors. Being a peninsula, Bodrum is one of the most suitable regions for investment with its active structure for commercial life with its climate, geographical and cultural structure.


 1.        Transportation as an investment area; Bodrum is one of the closest points of our country to the West with its advanced air-sea and highway transportation infrastructure. This makes Bodrum important as a “transporter”. By way of example, the nearest Greek island of Kos is only 3 miles away from Bodrum and can provide a significant advantage in terms of commercial accessibility.

2.         Energy as an investment area; Due to the high number of sunny days, one of the most suitable regions for developing solar energy with all kinds of houses and businesses with energy investments is Bodrum.

3.         Construction as an investment area; Due to the tourism infrastructure, Bodrum has an intensive investment potential especially in the secondary houses, there are specially designed buildings where Bodrum's unique structural features are exhibited in terms of architecture.

4.         Green buildings as an investment area; Bodrum has a high potential for the development of investments suitable for the concept of green building by combining the geographical and climatic characteristics of the developed structure in the construction field.

5.         As an investment area; Bodrum is suitable to invest in the fields of marble, wood, aluminum, pvc and building chemicals related to building production with intensive building movement.

6.         Yacht manufacturing as an investment area; It is highly likely that the traditional yacht manufacturing industry in Bodrum can be developed through research and development for finding a place in large markets and developing its extraordinary structure.

7.         It is important to improve infrastructure investment in marine transportation as an area of investment.

8.         Fisheries as an investment area; Bodrum has a submarine source with large coastal and clean seas and many creatures. It has the first rank in production and exportation of aquatic products especially in our region in all over Turkey. This makes investments in this area important.

9.         Bodrum mandarin, produced in our region and having geographical indications, is important since the “citrus” product's processing capacity could be improved presenting a variety of products to the market with alternative products, for R & D activities to increase added value and investments about organic farming.

10.       Health as an investment area; Investments in establishment of health facilities where especially the disadvantaged groups (such as the disabled and elderly) can be both treated and rehabilitated, the region's being both transportation-friendly and climate and weather conditions offers an important investment area combined with the social development.

11.       Many Chinese economic-social-science and academic life organizations can be carried out in Bodrum. This infrastructure is available in Bodrum.

12.       Air transport investment should be made in Bodrum in strategic spots such as yacht port and cable car for the development of tourism.

13.       Especially Father of Medicine, Hippocrates of Kos, had this title by using plants in the Bodrum region. It would be an important investment area to develop this area with the richness of the local plants in Bodrum, and thus to start development areas from these plants such as natural medicines and so on.