Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF)


In 1993, the Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) was established between the Turkish Government and the Federal German Government under the "Assistance for Establishing a Credit Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" agreement.

The KGF is the first and only "CREDIT GUARANTEE" organization in Turkey to be AECM member operating in accordance with the Council of Ministers' Resolution 93/4496 dated July 14, 1993 and numbered 21637 published in the Official Gazette. * AECM (European Mutual Guarantee Association)

The total resources of KGF A.Ş. is TL 1,362,4 Million including the paid-up capital of 240 Million TL and the Treasury Source capital back-ups.



The KFG Bail is applicable to real or legal entities defined by the "Regulation on the Definition, Qualifications and Classification of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" dated 19/10/2005 and numbered 2005/9617 as well as real persons or legal entities that carry qualifications of Civil Servants and Craftsmen, Self-Employed Members, Agricultural Businesses and Farmers in the scope of SMES.

Supporting the growth and development of small and medium-sized businesses with promising young and creative entrepreneurs, CGF lifts the obstacle of collateral shortage before good business ideas.

This collateral problem of small businesses that cannot easily reach the bank loan facilities as large as the large enterprises is solved by the CGF guarantee, which enables SMEs to use bank credits. Enterprises with an employee number of 250, an annual output and an asset size of not more than 40 Million TL each are regarded as SMEs, and the demands of the entrepreneurs in the mining sector as well as the manufacturing industry are met.

SMEs, tradesmen and craftsmen, agricultural enterprises and farmers in all regions of Turkey, women and young entrepreneurs can apply for the KGF bail.



In order to benefit from the CGF loan; it is sufficient for the SME to approve the transfer of the file to the CFG by notifying the bank that it wants to take advantage of the CGF bail.



Banks and other financial institutions;

·         Documents and documents in credit files,

·         The intelligence report, if drawn up,

·         Identification information form for SMEs requesting credit,

·         Account status document

They will inform the CGF about the existence of suretyship for other credits in banks and other financial institutions in relation with the companies that the company and / or its partners are a shareholder.



Applications for the supply of CGF are made through agreed banks:

·         SMEs apply to the bank with credit requests.

·         Documents requested by the bank are prepared.

·         The Bank reviews whether the loan application is appropriate; if the loan request is in conformity with the request and there is a lack of guarantee, an example of the related file is sent to the CGF with the approval of the company.

·         CGF experts interview the company and prepare a report on their current situation and project.

·         According to the request amount of firm's bail, it is submitted to the Credit Approval Commission by the recommendation of CGF General Directorate.

·         After a positive evaluation, the decision is communicated to the relevant bank in writing.

·         The bail contract is obtained from the firms and then signed by the companies and their guarantors. It is ensured that the conditions are met and the Letter of Repayment Surety is sent to the bank.

·         The bank gives credit to the company. Whether or not a loan is granted is entirely at the discretion of the bank.



The upper limit of bail for an SME is 1.000.000.- TL and for the enterprises where this SME directly or indirectly constitutes a risk group, the upper limit of bail is TL 1.500.000.-TL.



Surety is given for all types of loans for business necessities and there is no limitation on the type of credit. This may be a long-term investment loan or a cash loan in the form of a borrower current account, or a non-cash loan, such as a letter of credit and a letter of guarantee.

·         Setting Up a New Business

·         Extension of Existing Facility

·         Raw Material Supply

·         The Use of New Technology

·         Moving to a new job

·         Clearing Cash Tightness

·         Exports Financing

·         Imports Financing

·         Loans Based on Guarantee Letter

·         Financial Leasing

·         Other cash and cash loans used by SMEs

In other words, CGF provides bailment for all kinds of cash and non-cash loans for the use of SMEs including financial leasing operations, and in the fields of organic agriculture, livestock, beekeeping, animal husbandry, dairy farming, cheeses in the scope of agricultural loans on the condition of existence of an established enterprise.


The Credit Guarantee Fund, which operates according to the principle of risk sharing, guarantees up to 80% of the loan. CGF is looking for a minimum of 20% of RISK undertaken by the Loan Institution. This condition does not apply to Turkish Eximbank loans.


Including risk-sharing requests from the banks, our request evaluation process for TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB supports starts with our experts visiting the company at work and discussing the bailment requests. We are trying to find out the need of the company, the reasons arising the needs and the reasons for CGF request. in the requests coming from the banks, the experts are starting their visit with the assumption that the company has lending principles for providing loans in banking. The aim here is to determine whether the firm with the lending principles is in fact deficient in collateral before the bank.

As a result of the visits of the experts, they draw up a report on the company. The reports are sent together with their views to the relevant unit in the general directorate, and after the unit adds its own opinion, it is evaluated in the credit committee created to represent the partners. If it is concluded that the lack of collateral will prevent the use of the loan, a guarantee decision is given and the lack of guarantee of the SME is completed with our bailment. If it is understood that the banks are from the companies that are exempted from lending by the banks due to other factors other than the lack of guarantee, the bail of the CGF may be negative.

In addition to this, in case the CGF does not take part in the review and evaluation process, we also provide bailment with the portfolio guarantee. A large proportion of the risk is undertaken by banks.


Our Branches

1.         Ankara Main Branch                                         19.       Kayseri Branch

2.         Adana Branch                                                  20.       Kocaeli/Gebze Branch

3.         Antalya Branch                                                21.       Konya Branch

4.         Aydın Branch                                                   22.       Malatya Branch

5.         Batman Branch                                                23.       Manisa Branch

6.         Bursa Branch                                                   24.       Muğla/Bodrum Branch

7.         Çorum Branch                                                  25.       Ordu Branch

8.         Denizli Branch                                                  26.       Ostim/Ankara Branch

9.         Diyarbakır Branch                                             27.       Sakarya Branch

10.       Erzurum Branch                                                28.       Samsun Branch

11.       Eskişehir Branch                                               29.       Sivas Branch

12.       Gaziantep Branch                                             30.       Tekirdağ/Çorlu Branch

13.       İkitelli/İstanbul Branch                                      31.       Trabzon Branch

14.       İstanbul Branch                                                32.       Van Branch

15.       İzmir Branch                                                    33.       Zonguldak/K.Ereğli Branch

16.       Kadıköy/İstanbul Branch

17.       Kahramanmaraş Branch

18.       Karabük Branch


Currently, the Credit Guarantee Fund, which has 33 branches, continues its activities in Bodrum with its 4th branch established in the districts.



As a result of the work of the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce in 2012, the Credit Guarantee Fund, which was established with the purpose of supporting bureaucratic operations for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and making it possible to use bank credits in financing their investments and businesses, started to serve in the Bodrum branch. The Credit Guarantee Fund Bodrum Branch is continuing to work with the support of our chamber. All enterprises in Bodrum can get information and support from the Bodrum branch by contacting with branch manager İbrahim Turhan at 0252-313-57-07 when they need.


CGF Bodrum (Muğla) Branch

Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No:19

Bodrum Ticaret Odası Karşısı

Tel: 252-313-57-07    252-313-57-67