Bodrum Chamber of Commerce has made a new work with its innovative and easily accessible structure.

One of the services developed by BODTO with the understanding of providing fast and quality service to its members is e-BODTO as the presentation of on-line payment and document services.


BODTO Chairman Mahmut S. Kocadon said "One of the election promises of the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors was the establishment of the necessary information infrastructure to ensure that our members could complete their transactions quickly and easily without having to come to the service building. All now our members of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce will be able to receive the documents from their places and complete their payments by credit card. I think all of our members will follow this ease closely."

BODTO Assembly President İlhan Ersan stated that the on-line services provided by BODTO for easier commercial life by using safe communication facilities help businesses save time and added "easy-fast and accessible structure of BODTO has been strengthened by such works"

Bodrum Chamber of Commerce (BODTO) is at service of you, members, with the slogan "BODTO at your 7/24 service".

Now you can get member activity certificate, chamber registration copy, partnership confirmation certificate and tender status documents through the e-BODTO link on our website without coming to the chamber building, and you can pay your contribution fee and complete your transactions.

Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, which makes best use of information technology, continues to increase its services and service quality rapidly. In 2017, the number of BODTO's on-line services will continue to increase.


We are pleased to offer e-BODTO service for all our members. Now BODTO members will be able to get documents from their places of business and pay their dues without paying a visit to the service building and waiting in the queue.

Members will be charged by credit card when logging in by registering their member number on the online system.

Our on-line services starting from our website are;

·         Fee payment

·         Member activity document

·         Chamber registration record

·         Partnership confirmation document

·         Tender status document

Click here for our on-line services.

With these services, "We Are With You On Phone" service application has been cancelled and charging in placce will not be made.