Geographical Structure Of BODRUM

In the Aegean Region, Bodrum is a district of Muğla, surrounded by Milas in the east and north east, and the Aegean in the northwest, west and south. The district is located on a peninsula between Güllük in the north and Gökova Gulf in the south. The district has a rugged geography and the interior is plain, the coast is very indented and protruding, and the area has a lot of limestone content. The county lands are rugged by the Yaran Mountain and the mountains of Pazar. The Yaran Mountain (879 m) extending in the northeast-southwest direction is located in the eastern and central part of the county. This mountain descends to the west and forms the Mountain of Pazar at an altitude of 690 m.

There are depression areas and associated valleys, which open directly to the sea in the coastal area of ​​the province and which form small basins in the inner part. In the valley and depression areas there are plains that alluviums brought by the rivers. Bitez Plain, Akçalan Plain and Karaova are the main ones. The district bordering is fairly smooth in the south and has an indented, protruding appearance in the southwest, west and north. There are many small islands within the county borders, including Çakal Island and Karaada. The coast length of the county is 174 km. The county is located 115 km from the city center, its area is 557 km 2 and the total population is 155.815.