27.04.2022 1 Chairman of the Board of Directors of GM IT Company Mehmet Ali Demirci, a member of the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, and Company Director Gamze Demirci attended the Internet 2.0 Conference held in Dubai.


Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and e-commerce pioneer GM Informatics at the conference, which brought together leaders and experts on topics, considered worthy of the “Best Company” award while Mehmet Ali Demirci became the “Outstanding Leadership Award” owner.


At the conference, providing information about the company's operations, Demirci said that they are so proud of the awards they have received. He drew attention to the importance of being a visionary and investing in the future by taking risks in order to achieve success in today's world where technological developments are gaining great momentum. Demirci, who made a presentation on the topic “Moving your organization to infinity and beyond” at the conference, invited the conference participants to Turkey and suggested holding this annual conference in Turkey.

Bodrum Chamber of Commerce President Mahmut Serdar Kocadon congratulated Demirci by expressing that the members of the Bodrum Chamber of Commerce are very happy with their achievements. Pointing out that companies from Bodrum have received awards on an international scale, President Kocadon also highlighted the fact that this is a great promotional tool. sitesinden 01.04.2023 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.