Bodrum Chamber of Commerce (BODTO) continues its work to improve its international relations. Tuesday October 27, BODTO joined an online meeting with IBG executives and members in order to maintain contacts with the Indian Business Group (IBG) in Mumbai, India. At the meeting, information about Bodrum was given and ideas were exchanged about the sectors where collaborations could be established. Mahmut Serdar Kocadon, president of BODTO, said: "as a Chmaber-with the highest score in quality and accreditation, we did not interrupt our work in the pandemic process."he explained that they continue to contact online meetings on the path of internationalization in accordance with the strategic plan, and as a result of these interactions, BODTO aims to create various opportunities and new markets for its members.

BODTO Vice-Presidents Ibrahim Akkaya, Mehmet Ayaz, members of the Board of Directors Arif Ceylan Sati, Erdem Agan, member of the Assembly Gurkan Topan and Chairman of the Professional Committee No. 5 Omer Faruk Dengiz, Secretary General Prof. Dr. Fuat Önder and Chamber employees attended and informed Indian business people about the work of the chamber and the activities of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce members.

BODTO executives introduced Bodrum and the region's business sectors

Ibrahim Akkaya started his words by stating that they would be very happy to welcome IBG officials and members to Bodrum and drew attention to the basic sectors in Bodrum. "There is no heavy industry in Bodrum and  our main sectors are tourism and construction. We also have serious activities in yachting, accommodation and entertainment sectors."Akkaya said, because of the pandemic conditions, those who prefer Bodrum are increasing, and people who come usually buy homes, he noted. Akkaya also shared the information that some Indian business people prefer to buy houses in Istanbul and Bodrum. Akkaya, who drew attention to the renewable energy and health sectors as sectors open to development in Bodrum, advised Indian business people that investments can be made in this area.

Mehmet Ayaz pointed to the tourism issue in which he operates, and stressed that Bodrum has hosted many Indian weddings so far, and this also feeds all other sectors. Explaining that Bodrum has quite high quality hotels in the accommodation sector, Ayaz suggested that this should be developed, saying that successful Indian weddings were held in various luxury hotels in Bodrum last year.

Luxury Tourism Emphesized

Assemblyman Gurkan Topan also advised investors to turn to luxury in his speech, stating that Bodrum should move forward in luxury tourism. Topan, who stated that Bodrum welcomes world-famous people every year, stressed that Bodrum's climate and natural beauty have an impact. Pointing out that tourism and construction are the main sectors of the region, Topan stressed that Bodrum makes a difference in tourism with its high quality and welcomes world-famous people. Topan concluded his remarks by noting that Bodrum is one of the central points of luxury tourism in the world.

Board member Arif Ceylan Sati started his speech by saying that the basement is an original place with its Nature, Climate and accommodation alternatives. Stating that they have started to welcome more Indian tourists in recent years, Sati said that Indian weddings in Bodrum have improved tourism between the two countries and that these weddings are also an opportunity to promote culture. Sati, who said that they intend to develop Indian weddings and tourist activities bilaterally, said that they would be very happy to welcome Indian guests in the future, pointing out that tourism activities and Indian weddings can be increased for mutual benefit

Bodrum produces 1 of Turkey's 3 Mega Yachts

Erdem Agan, a Member of The Board Of Directors, gave information about the yacht manufacturing sector. He said he was in line, and passed on information about yacht production and Blue Cruise. One of the 3 yachts in Turkey is produced in Bodrum, Agan said, noting that investments can be made in this regard. Agan pointed out that it can be easily sold on the European market by producing yachts in Bodrum, pointed out that the Blue Voyage journey is made with high quality service and must be tried by everyone.

Omar Faruk Dengiz, Chairman of the Professional Committee No. 5, mentioned Bodrum's infrastructure in the hospitality sector and stated that World-Famous Brands also prefer Bodrum. Dengiz, who also made an introductory presentation in Bodrum, stressed that joint work can be done, especially on wedding tourism.

Indian business people also introduced themselves and expressed their satisfaction with learning about Bodrum and Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, explaining that they are ready to do joint work.

IBG President Vikash Mittersain, who made his closing speech, stated that they would be very happy to develop business with Turkey.

By sharing mutual contact information, it was decided to continue these negotiations in the coming days and to start official correspondence to make the communication continuous.

It was decided to continue communication between two chambers. sitesinden 21.07.2024 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.