The “Online Services E-BODTO” located in our Chamber's Web Site ( is accessed by e-mail address and password information verification. At the first entry into the system, the user has to perform the registration and activation. For entry into the system, the member's cell phone/authoritative information must match the Chamber's records.

However; the persons authorized by the proxy other than the authorized persons of the members can do the AIDAT PAYMENTS through the accountants and consultants only with the MEMBER REGISTRATION NUMBER. This process works only by the function of USER CONFIRMATION and COMMITMENT ABOUT THE PROCEDURE ON BEHALF OF THE COMPANY WITH THEIR OWN CONSENT. Access to the system is being done with QUICK PAYMENT and explained in detail in the attachment. This is an implementation made for making both our members' job easier and remove the security threat. sitesinden 23.01.2022 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.