Global crisis to a bank and the task falls to us
World stock exchanges such as we made our big losses Dollars and Euros at least 20% - 25 has increased, as their interest rates began rising.

The government's authority to provide oral statements and to explain clearly the wave of this crisis required measures against the crisis that would affect our country really is (although at the beginning of the crisis our country is not a loss has been mentioned). However, the image of the market is not so much.

Of course, not possible to escape without injury from this crisis. The influence of developing countries like Turkey, but at least be possible to look for ways to get out of harm is required.

Here is the greatest task of the banks fell. This crisis has given the panic and they should not call the loans back to the time before. Unlike our confidence that we never ever lost, even if higher interest rates need to be sure to maintain the fluidity.

However, this crisis of our bank and receive a refund from the wounds of the companies in difficulty do not go on immediately, and allow them to show some understanding is required. Because the business world are the issues most affecting them.

In these difficult times for banks stuck with loans to customers and guide them to activities hinder the development of varieties suitable credit is required.

Protect customers, or forget, because that is guided or not so good or bad bank (whatever that is nowadays in our country such a bank) the bank is certain in this era.

It should be noted that the real sector is the engine of the country from every point of view. Non-banking sector is not the real bank with real sector or not. In this regard, both need each other in the industry.

Dear inhabitants of Bodrum

It is understood that this crisis will continue further. Economists and businessmen in the market but they are year 2009 marks the end of the rally can.

In this regard to us (for employers), the largest task falls more open, without going into debt without savings in all areas (but not by removing the element of this saving by reducing overall costs) to overcome this year.

Our people, especially credit card and pay attention to spending and borrowing in foreign currency and would not recommend that you've been charged with money and note that after each crisis, a number of opportunities in the future I would like to remind you.

Best regards.
AUTHOR: Mahmut Serdar KOCADON sitesinden 13.07.2024 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.