2019 Tourism Season

Our Bodrum Blue Magazine, which is awaited by our Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, come together before 2019 season.

Economic breakthroughs are on the agenda again when the elections on the local and the country's agenda end.

Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association of Artisans, merchants and traders of our Treasury and Ministry of Finance to solve the problems experienced due to volatile economic exchange, Family Studies and Social Services launched the Employment Mobilization at the initiative of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges with the Ministry. I think these incentives will be of great benefit, especially before the tourist season.

I invite all of our members to use the incentive programs implemented under the mobilization. All of our employers know that the issue of staff is a critical issue that can affect both a positive and negative business.

It should be taken into consideration and implemented by all our members, by reducing the costs of human resources on our enterprises with employment incentives, reducing the costs of our enterprises and raising qualified personnel.

As we all know, the 2019 tourism season, where we are preparing for the whole year, is eagerly anticipated with promotional and pre-reservations, is approaching. Our first foreign flights, our visitors started their vacation in Bodrum.

In terms of the number of domestic and foreign tourists in terms of numbers and laughs in the face of all the Bodrum will bring a lot of profit I would wish for a season.

With my best regards,



President of the Assembly


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