2019 Tourism Expectations

We are pleased to meet you again with our Bodrum Mavi magazine, which we presented to your knowledge with its 91rd issue in its 12th year. We are very glad of that.

In out magazine we have compiled our fair and promotional works for you. This year we all had benefit from our Bodrum Stands in the international exhibitions.

With the growing positive perception of Turkey is quite hopeful from tourism this year.

Although the positive developments in the sector in 2018 and the bookings made in the winter months allowed us to catch this movement, the input costs in our enterprises increased due to the increase in the exchange rate in our domestic economy markets and our accommodation prices are expected to increase as a reflection of this.

Although foreign visitors are more targeted this year, Bodrum will embrace all visitors of the region as the most preferred region for our local visitors.

Along with tourism, approximately fifty-eight sectors are involved, including the food industry, car rental, travel agencies, organization, catering, yachts, furniture, construction materials and equipment, as well as the hospitality sector. Our first priority is to ensure that all our members are satisfied with these activities and that the holidaymakers are happy from Bodrum.


Best Regards,



Mahmut S. Kocadon

Chairman of the Board

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