Many of our members are questioning the function of TOBB and Chambers. I would like to explain the institutional structure and management of our Chambers, which have a significant place in the unification and integration of the private sector in Turkey.

           As a  professional upper body having public legal entity that is regulated  in Article 135 of the Constitution, the  Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) which  is the only  legal representative of the Turkish private sector  at the highest level, having undertaken   many administrative, representation  and consultation  functions.

The TOBB Establishment Law No. 5590 is implemented as TOBB Law No. 5174 dated May 18, 2004. All of the 365 chambers / commodity exchanges under TOBB were established and operate under this law. TOBB, which has over 1 million 400 registered members in all sectors throughout the country, provides 18 public services within the scope of the law in our country and is also the executive of many national and international functions. At the same time, TOBB is the chairman of many groups and studies related to the private sector and economy in our country, and also represents our country on international platforms.

In this context, I hope this handbook, which has been prepared in order to provide information about our Chamber and   services for you will be useful to you.

With my best regards,



AUTHOR: İlhan ERSAN sitesinden 29.01.2022 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.