Upon our Chamber Assembly's decision dated 01/07/2011, BODTO became a partner to the company established to realize the BALO (West Anatolian Logistics Organizations Inc.) project.

Project Objective:

With the Balo project, semi-finished products and products sent from Europe to Turkey will reach the industrialists in Turkey at much lower cost and the quality products produced in Turkey will reach the final buyers in Europe with the same advantage.

Shipments from the EU to the CIS and Middle East countries will also be transported to the Logistic Centers in Southeastern Anatolia (Kayseri, Gaziantep), via this project and from there to the respective destinations by truck. This means that a new business environment is created for those regions.

With every transport made within the scope of the BALO Project, the harmful gas rate to the environment will be reduced and the consumption of non-renewable energy sources will be reduced. sitesinden 23.01.2019 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.