MUGLA THE QUALITY STEP of 9-10 June 2007
Chamber of Commerce meeting Muğla, Muğla Commodity Exchange, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce, Marmaris Chamber of Commerce, Milas Chamber of Commerce, Fethiye Chamber of Shipping, Marmaris Chamber of Shipping, Bodrum Chamber of Shipping and Bodrum Chamber of Commerce and the Secretary General and the staff was held with the participation.

In 2006, the TSE Quality document and in the last few days is accredited Bodrum Chamber of Commerce Chamber to make this meeting that goal, working to increase the quality and targeting of Muğla and its environs of the Chamber of Commerce is to increase the number.

At the meeting, Total Quality Management, ISO certification and accreditation processes and needs to be done in this process, the experts have been imported by the listeners.

The meeting, Kalder Bodrum Quality Focus Zeynep Tuncel, Kalder Izmir Representative Keskinoğlu Kenan, TSE Antalya Regional Manager Kaya Kars, TOBB Chairman Special Counselor Yüksel VARDAR, TOBB Secretary Accreditation Council Sibel AYGÜN, Turkish Lloyd Foundation Certification specialist BALDOĞAN Besides Pearl Kocaeli General Secretary of the Chamber of Industry Hamdi Doğan and Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary General Tolga Yücel participate in the Strategic Planning and Performance Assessment in the Room by Room Muğla Applications have shared. sitesinden 20.10.2018 tarihinde yazdırılmıştır.